Sustainability at Hotel Erna

Together for an environmentally sustainable future

We love the landscape that surrounds our hotel. Together with our guests, we have thought about a few things to conserve it and to make our contribution to environmental protection. We have already implemented some of them, others are still in the planning stage. But we are strongly convinced: If everyone helps, we can look forward to a future in which people and nature live in harmony .

"Many small people in many small places, taking many small steps, can change the face of the world."


Give your car a vacation

As our guests you will receive the GuestCard, which allows you to use the regional trains on South Tyrol's rail lines, the local buses as well as the public cable cars free of charge and unlimited. If you would still like to explore South Tyrol with your e-car, an electric charging station is available at our hotel (subject to a fee).

Guest Card
Hotel laundry

Sleep with a clear conscience in our comfortable and above all environmentally friendly hotel laundry. We wash and dry everything ourselves in our house. Since there is no need for delivery, we contribute to a healthy air. We also protect nature by using environmentally friendly detergents.

Our rooms

Did you know that there is a 500-liter water tank under our parking area? We collect rainwater in it for watering the hotel plants. We also offer you the opportunity to choose not to have your room cleaned and thus do your part to save water: simply hang the "Be Green" sign on the outside of your room door. Should you wish to have your room cleaned, we will of course make sure to use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Pleasure from our garden

When you know where the ingredients on your plate come from, it tastes that much better. In the summer months we use all the plants that grow in our garden: lettuce and red and white cabbage; herbs such as basil, mint, nasturtium and sage to refine the dishes; elderflowers for the syrup; currants, plums and rhubarb for homemade jams; apples for our applesauce and marigolds and asters to decorate the dishes.

We turn on the sauna for you

A sauna consumes a lot of energy, which is why it doesn't run around the clock at Hotel Erna. Of course you can still use it. Just let us know and we will switch on the sauna for you. However, we do have one request: ask yourself if a sauna session is really necessary when the outside temperature is 25° C, and be careful not to use too many towels. Thank you very much!

Wellness Area
We still want to achieve this ...

In the future, we will avoid buying new individually packaged soaps and shampoos and instead provide refillable dispensers. We would also like to aim for a reduction in plastic in general.

We look forward to hearing your ideas! 

Do you have any other suggestions on how we can improve on sustainability? You will find a pen and paper in your guest folder in your room. Write down your ideas and drop the piece of paper in the box at the reception - or simply tell us verbally in the sense of sustainability. Thank you very much!